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A Fox-Hedgehog Halloween ONE SHOT
One night I was driving with a friend and it was a very dark country road. I was heading home and had the wheel for the night.
Everything was going great till a cat seemed to have the balls to try to cross the road at the right moment I was coming. I did not stop nor did I slow down or turn off the road. All you heard was a big trump and my friend yell:
And my response was: "OPPS!"
"Opps?! What do you mean opps?!" She asked. She was really hysterical about the whole thing.
To be honest, I thought her reaction was quite funny so I couldn't really hold in my laugh.
"It got right there in front of me!"
"You killed it! "
"Oh would you be quiet. It has nine lives we have one for goodness sake! It was he's one or OUR one."
She groaned letting me get the last word but after that she never let me drive her car again…And every now and then I see a black cat outside my bed room window and when she sees me she hisses at me and runs away don't know what that's about but...
On with th
:iconblissofanangel:BlissofanAngel 3 4
Sonic and The Trojan War Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Helen…
Standing in between the pillars of her home was the beautiful Queen Helen of Sparta(My OC Bliss DeMayo the Hedgehog). Her pure white fur and smooth dark tan skin. Her green eyes scanned her city. She wore teal colored clothing hugging the curves of her body. While her quills wore brushed into one alone that went down to the heels of her feet.
She turned to see her husband, Menelaus(Shadow) and two small children. Helen's five year old daughter, Hermione and her infant son, Nicostratus, who was fast asleep in his father's arms. Hermione was a gray furred hedgehog that looked just like her mother only her quill was much shorter and it has a pink stripe on the top of it. She had red eyes like her fathers. Nicostratus was the spitting image of his father only difference was, he had white fur.
Hermione ran up to her mother and hugged her thigh as her father walked up to her gave the infant to his mother. Helen smiled at the infant she adjusted him in her
:iconblissofanangel:BlissofanAngel 2 0
Sonic and The Trojan War chapter 2
Chapter 2: To The Fairest: Judgment of Paris
Zeus(Lightning Lynx) woke up just as the sun was beginning to rise. He knew Hera didn't wake up till the sun fully rose. He walked off to his son's office, where Hermes was there waiting for him.
"Father-" Hermes(Anti-Tails) began then stopped when he seen his father snap his fingers and angel chao, appeared with a feather and scroll ready to write. He watched as his father then nodded to the chao and it began to write down just what Zeus was thinking about the situation with the apple.
Hermes shook his head as his father only rolled his eyes and said, "He will get it done faster than I will. You have the apple?"
Hermes brought it out his holding bag, letting Zeus see it and placing it back in his bag. Zeus nodded and turned to the chao seeing he was now done. He took the scroll from the chao nodding to it, to which it nodded back to him and left. Zeus looked over the scroll satisfied of the chaos' work. He handed it to Hermes.
"Now, go, Her
:iconblissofanangel:BlissofanAngel 2 0
Shear Pink Bliss by BlissofanAngel Shear Pink Bliss :iconblissofanangel:BlissofanAngel 0 4 Don't know by BlissofanAngel Don't know :iconblissofanangel:BlissofanAngel 0 14 Original 2 by BlissofanAngel Original 2 :iconblissofanangel:BlissofanAngel 0 0 Bored 2. by BlissofanAngel Bored 2. :iconblissofanangel:BlissofanAngel 0 0 Watching the ocean by BlissofanAngel Watching the ocean :iconblissofanangel:BlissofanAngel 1 0 Sweet Smile by BlissofanAngel Sweet Smile :iconblissofanangel:BlissofanAngel 2 6
Sonic and The Trojan War: Chapter 1
Chapter 1: The Wedding…
A light brown lynx came down from the sky dressed in baby blue and yellow silk clothes.  Zeus(Lightning Lynx) stepped off of his thunder and lightning blooming cloud onto the Greek coast. He had to be careful it was the hardest thing to get away from Hera(Bride of Conquering Storm) and wasn't easy staying out of her sight and way. She seemed to find him all the time and his many lovers as well. And even though she did, never stopped him from going for the next.
He decided to clear his thoughts as he walked along the coast. He had walked only a small distance before he spotted a beautiful lavender cat playing with the water calmly. Not afraid of the threatening waves that seemed to gently wash on her smooth legs and retreat back from once they came.
He knew this to be Thetis(Blaze), the sea nymph. She wore nothing to cover herself leaving her fur and long purple hair to get treated with the wind. Zeus found himself staring at this beautiful nymph,
:iconblissofanangel:BlissofanAngel 2 1
Mature content
Sonic and The Trojan War: Prologue :iconblissofanangel:BlissofanAngel 3 7
Shadow'sLight 2 Chapter 7
Mephiles looked out the window of the castle watching everything not that anything out of ordinary could happen with the 'reform' he made of the place. He watched the full moon, as it was ever so bright, the night was beautiful in his eyes. The moon made a reflect off the many crystals covering the city of Soleanna.
He turned around to smile at the twins. Both little ones had eventually cried themselves to sleep hours ago. Their crying got annoying so he incased them inside a giant crystal that surrounded a bed. They could move around in it but he didn't want to hear their crying. He was close to killing them ruining his plans that heavily involved them.
Light had awaken and was looking at the demonic hedgehog with watery eyes, she would whine every now and then. Mephiles only stared down at her. Mephiles had been in his crystalline form since he first saw the child or she first laid eyes on him. Sadly, Shadow didn't let her get a good look. He wondered if he changed into his hedgehog
:iconblissofanangel:BlissofanAngel 1 0
Shadow'sLight Part2: Chapter 6
00:33:45 Emerald Town….
Amy ducked yet another swing at her from Mephiles' minion. "GET AWAY FROM ME!" With one good swing she knocked back him down a crack in the earth. The beast fell right into the lava leaving the pink hedgehog smiling before she ducked another from another beast. She had burnt marks on her body and clothes. She had a couple of bruises here and there. She was thankful she was getting better at dodging the monsters because they packed a punch.
"AMY!" Amy skidded under the monsters legs and right in front of Cream. Blaze kicked this beast right into the lava with its partner.
"Did you get everyone evaluated?" Amy asked as she, Cream and Blaze began to run away from another beast who began shooting purple energy blast at them.
"Yep even through there wasn't many to get away." Cream replied sadly. Amy and the others had to keep dodging his blast till they could get an open to attack him. By the looks of it he wasn't holding back. Be
:iconblissofanangel:BlissofanAngel 1 6
Shadow'sLight Part2: Chapter 5
Tails decided to take everyone to Angel Island seeing as his workshop was no longer a safe place to be or the Mystical Ruins area for that matter.
"Don't worry, buddy." Sonic said patting the double tailed kitsune on the back. "We'll replace everything that was damaged."
Tails sighed. "Yeah, thanks." He said. Sonic only scratched his head nervously. Sonic decided to go back with the others who were in a meeting room having welcomed Rouge back and now explaining to her the situation at hand.
"So…he destroyed everything?" Amy and the others explained what had before they got to her. Rouge felt guilty in a way. Not only did that thing kidnap her but it caused her mother to go into labor and destroyed her home. Rouge hugged Night and Light to her even tighter. She didn't want to imagination what the monster would do to her babies.
"Is my mother okay?" She said as she let Night stand up against her. He couldn't help himself. He hadn't got to be near his mother for a whole week so he wa
:iconblissofanangel:BlissofanAngel 1 0
Shadow'sLight Part2: Chapter 4
Chapter 4: The rescue.
Shadow doesn't know how far he ran he just ran and continued to run. Light was only enjoying it giggling uncontrollably the speed her father was going was tickling to her.
Shadow noticed and it smirked he finally came to a cliff and a very familiar one. He stopped sitting under a tree near the cliff and looking to Light she was so beautiful to him. He never thought that in his life time he would be a father, not at all. But he loved it. He loved the proud feeling his children gave him. They knew nothing of the evil he once was and yet they loved him, they saw no evil. The crimson hedgehog was going to keep it that way.
Light looked into the eyes the liked a lot like her own color and all. "Da-da." She cooed reaching her hand up to his face.
Shadow never thought that anyone but Rouge could make his heart jump but little Light proved him wrong. He felt his smirk turn into a smile, pleasant and caring he was proud and wondered if Night was even talking now.
"When di
:iconblissofanangel:BlissofanAngel 1 0
Hallow Beauty by BlissofanAngel Hallow Beauty :iconblissofanangel:BlissofanAngel 1 0


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Wow it's seriously been over a year since I have been on this website, I have been busy for the past year finding out who I am as a person and what I want to do in my life. Gosh it's been 3 years since I graduated, thought I knew what I wanted to do but I didn't...till now that is. I'm more content with who I am, I'm in love with myself. I have accomplished alot so far as it is but I still have a whole life ahead of me I'm only 21 years old. Yes, I turned 21 this year will be 22 next year. Boy, time does fly. But sorry for the no story updates I have been busy, working saving up money, trying to get a car and save up so I can go back to school. I really, truly do wish I could keep up with my stories but right now it seems impossible. I have writers block for most of my stories and others I have barely no time to update them. 
Anyway, thank you new readers and old for keeping up with the stories either way. Also for dealing with my MIA I apologize again.


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Blow you kisses!
United States
Hey, my name is Alacia. I love Hello Kitty and Sonic and company, have watched and played his games since I was a little girl. I am very kind very truthful, patient, polite, willingly help others(on the naive side a little). I do not know how draw but I do write stories and that is mostly be on here and my username for fanfic.(if you wanna read some of my stories which I don't have many...yet). I usually read stories, not for the pairing, but because they are interesting, suspense filled, funny etc etc. I am very respectful of others feeling and things but I will not lie for anyone because I don't like it whatsoever. I love good drawings they inspire me ;). I don't mind meeting new people that is one way of getting out in the world. I also like: Mario, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon(yes, i like Pokemon), Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist, Family Guy, good adventure games, Kirby, Pac-man, Banjo-Kazooie, texting and working(sitting still makes me lazy).

Bliss, MUAH

Current Residence: Now why do you need to know that???
Favourite genre of music: Gospel, Hip-hop/Rap(sometimes), R&B, Jazz, Themes,
Favourite style of art: Drawing, Digital, 3D, painting, shading
Operating System: Computer and celli
MP3 player of choice: MP3 camera
Shell of choice: Hearts
Wallpaper of choice: Angels
Skin of choice: Brown
Favourite cartoon character: Hello Kitty, Digimon, Yugi-yo,


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